PLFM Rules

Market Rules 2018

Perry Lecompton Farmers Market 

1.  The market will be held from 4:00-6:30pm Friday at Bernie's, 2115 Ferguson Rd. & Hwy 24, Perry.  The market season will run from Friday, May 11, 2018 through October 12, 2018, weather and attendance permitting. 

2.  Seasonal vendors may be assigned a stall by the Market Manager and may keep that space for the entire season.  Please call the Market Manager if you're going to be late or absent.  In the event of an absence your stall may be given to another vendor for that day.  A vendor may be considered absent if not heard from 15 minutes before market start.  Vendors may start setting up to one hour before the market opens. 

3. Fees: $40 for the season.

               $5 for one market day. Day fees are cumulative to the seasonal fee.

Fees are non-refundable unless the Committee decides otherwise.

4. Accepted Products

     Raw Produce- (fruit, nuts, veggies, whole grains, honey, etc.) Produce shall be grown by the vendor and/or vendor's family locally, with exceptions decided by the Market Manager, in which case shall then be labeled with place of origin. Produce shall be in good condition, clean and kept free of contamination.  Edible produce should be kept off the ground.

     Live Plants- Vendors offering live plants for sale are required to be licensed through the Department of Agriculture.   If a live plant dealer does not import into or export from Kansas live plants, and collects less than $10,000 annually in gross receipts, such live plant dealer shall be exempt from the licensing requirements. To apply:  phone # 785-564-6698 or website: or ask the Market Manager for an application.

      Fish and Seafood - Sold whole, on ice. Note:  wild-caught fish sales are illegal without a commercial fishing permit from KDWPT.

    Fish and Seafood (cleaned) - Sold frozen.  KDA food establishment or food processing license at preparation facility. Hazard Analysis, food establishment license at the point of sale.

    Meat and Poultry- Sold frozen.  Product must be from an inspected source and properly labeled.  Food establishment license required at point of sale unless registered as a wholesale dealer.

     Mushrooms- cultivated mushrooms are allowed.  Wild mushrooms are not allowed unless approved by a State-certified inspector.

     Eggs- Vendors selling eggs are required to follow Kansas egg laws including keeping eggs below 45 F while at the market and labeling with the producers name, date, and address. 

     Baked Goods- Baked goods that are home made by the vendor or the vendor's family are permitted at the market.  All baked goods shall be packed for sale and labeled with product name, ingredients, and the name and address of the vendor.  No baked good with potentially hazardous foods in them may be sold, such as cream-filled, cheesecake, custard, may be sold without proper licensing.


    Canned Goods - Home canned fruit jams and jellies may be sold unlicensed but with proper labeling.  Other canned goods such as applesauce, pepper jelly, and fruit preserves may be sold unlicensed if acidity is high enough.  See:

    Other Canned Foods - Such as pickles, salsa, hot sauce, vegetable and meats may be sold with proper licensing and labeling.  See above website, or "Food Safety for Kansas Farmers Market Vendors:  Regulations and Best Practices 2018," or as the Market Manager.   

    Naturally Fermented Canned Foods - Such as sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha are required to be produced in a KDA Food Establishment Licensed Facility.


    Crafts- All crafts shall be at least 75% hand made by the vendor or a family member.  All crafts must be approved by the Market Manager plus one other committee member before being brought to the market.  Preference will be given to home grown or locally gathered products.


    Books- Limited books are permitted at the market, including: cookbooks, farming, gardening, horticulture and canning books.  All other books require approval by the Market Manager and one other Committee member.


    Animals-No live animals shall be sold or given away at the market.


Any product not covered above requires approval by the market committee.


5. Weights, Measures and Pricing: Items may be sold by piece, box, scoop, or bag.  If sold by weight, items need to be weighed on a State-certified scale.  Each vendor may set their own prices.  We encourage you to be competitive with other vendors in the market.  Be proud of what you sell!


6. Sales Tax: Vendors are responsible for collecting sales tax on products and paying it to the state of Kansas.  A sales tax I.D. number is required and can be obtained by

  a).calling them for a business tax application (form CR-16) at 785-296-4937

  b).registering online at or

  c).ask Market Manager for application.

Sales tax I.D. Certificate should be displayed at booth in public view.


7. Appearance & Conduct: Vendors shall deal with the public and fellow vendors in a courteous and appropriate manner.  Vehicles used for display at the market shall be clean.  No hawking, false advertising, religious, or political campaigning are allowed.  It is the responsibility of the vendor to truthfully represent their merchandise.  The PLFM Committee reserves the right to visit the vendor's farm or craft workshop.


8. Discipline: The Market Manager is responsible for settling any conflicts or complaints that arise and reserves the right to remove any vendor who is in violation of the market rules or vendor guidelines for that market day.  If a conflict cannot be solved by the Market Manager then it can be brought before the committee at the next scheduled meeting.  The PLFM Committee has the right to suspend the vendor's privilege to sell at market for the season with a vote of the committee.  No refund of market fees will be given in such a case.


9. Clean up:  Vendors are responsible for cleaning up their stall at the end of the market day.  No tents, produce etc. may be left on the premises.  A trash can will be available.


10.Insurance:  The property owners will provide premises liability insurance to cover their property only.  The market itself has limited liability coverage provided by Shelter Insurance.  However, Vendors are strongly encouraged to purchase liability insurance for their products.


Applications may be sent to:  PLFM Manager Eric Youngquist 3696 Labette Rd. Perry Ks. 66073

785-597-2307 or 785-813-6461(cell) or

see more at


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